I had been training and eating seriously for 10 years before I decided to get in touch with a coach.
These two pictures are a result of a 6 month transformation with Nick.  I first heard about him at the
I joined Nick and ECT in November 2018 for a 6 week Summer challenge, the goal at that time was
After watching my husband’s successful transformation with Nick at ECT, I was excited to give it a try! I had
“My experience with ECT has been an absolutely amazing one , not only have I seen amazing changes in my
“Changing your body is more a mental challenge than a physical one. In May 2018 I spotted a photo taken
Where to start? I have has a difficult journey throughout my life. From two ACL, PCL, MCL and Meniscus ops,
Testimonial - Rudolf
"When I got involved with ECT I knew not what to expect and I was kind of sceptical because I
"Soon as I got involved with ETC I wasn't sure  what to expect, my diet and training was all over
Age 34 Nelspruit "To cut a long story short ECT is the REAL DEAL . My ultimate goal in life
Age:23 Occupation-Personal trainer Experience: "It’s the best platform out there, very unique, no discrimination with athletes, Its like an extended family,
"If Trust in your Coach and Faith in your ability is not an issue ! Nick and his team at
"I am 36 years old and in the best shape of my life. ECT has taken me places I could
" Wow where to start, from the very beginning when I joined ECT my mind was blown, Their service is
"I have been a client of Zane Du Plessis and part of the ECT Family for several weeks and I
"My ECT experience has been an amazing journey , not only has my body drastically changed in a way I
"I started as an ambassador for ECT a few weeks before WBFF last year and from the start I could
Age:25 Occupation : Personal trainer "My experience with East coast transformations started with my preparation leading up to Nabba western
"I dreamed of competing at the WBFF, amongst athletes that for so long, I had looked up to and aspired
"Since joining ECT earlier this year I have experience love passion and personal relations. I took the step to join
"After I started adapting a healthier and more active lifestyle with the assistance of ECT, my life changed and my
"ECT has been a life changing experience, not just physically  but mentally as well. I've learnt its more than just
"I would just like to commend founder and owner of ECT nick Robert, on an amazing job with not only
"When I signed up with Zane at ECT I had a goal in mind of what I wanted to achieve. 
"I Joined ECT a year ago looking for the next level in my fitness and that's exactly what I got, Top
Age 28 / Height 1.79 / Weight 84.8kg Occupation: Project Engineer/CEO at Endeto Engineering "I know how important it is to surround
"I started my health & fitness journey 7 years ago at a hefty weight of close to 150kgs. I lifted weights
"I thoroughly love ECT for the growth it's given me mentally & physically. The team is a family and so unified. I'm
"Ek is ongeveer 2 maande 'n lid van die ECT familie. ( nog 'n "newbie") My ervaring tot dusver was
"I've been with East Coast Transformation (ECT) about 3 weeks. The experience I have with my coach Nick Robert is excellent
"Not only has ECT helped me attain the best physique I have ever had but more importantly it has developed
"ECT has not only given me the personalized attention and guidance to achieve more than I could ever imagine but
"The level of service I experienced from ECT was unbelievable. The advice, mentorship and guidance under Nick Robert from ECT
"The best decision I have ever made is booking the services of Zane and ECT I struggled to lose weight
"When I signed up with Coach Nick Robert and the ECT Team in August 2016 my goals and ambition for
"Joining ECT was the best decision I've ever made in my life. Not only did I reach my own personal
Age: 29 Occupation: Mechanical Engineer Location: Cape Town "I've always lead an active lifestyle however I wanted to improve and
"One of the many things I learned from being a part of ECT is the willingness to get out of
"I have started my journey with ECT in February 2016 and what a journey it has been.  From the very
"I got introduced to ECT by a friend of mine and his results spoke for itself. Unbelievable as it was
"The best decision I have ever made is booking the services of Zane and ECT I struggled to lose weight
"I am 34 and have had 2 children and recently donated a kidney to my sister, I would never have
"After decades of training (from the age of 16) and loving the sport of bodybuilding as a spectator, I decided
"I signed up with ECT in the beginning of 2015, after becoming complacent within myself and not finding the right
"In March 2016, after many months of tests anaphylactic reactions and years of eating disorders, I went into heart failure
"I don’t have words to explain what a amazing adventure being part of ECT is to me but I will
"The business world in Johannesburg swallowed me whole. I was fat, under weight and very unhealthy. I lost everything I ever worked
"I’ve Only been part of this Family for 2 Months and already feels like home. Coach Nick is a Motivator and