East Coast Transformations
Advanced Lifestyle Package
Advanced Lifestyle
Unlike the athlete preparation package that displays aggressive training methods, technical diets to create low body fat physiques; we are
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Athlete Preparation
Athlete One On One Prep
ECT offers a unique one on one service for competitive athletes from the following sports: Cycling Swimming Fitness conditioning Fitness
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8 Week Transformations
Here we offer an 8 week online service for intermediate clients looking to tone up, increase lean muscle gains and
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12 Week Individual Or Couple Transformations
Our 12 week online challenges are targeted for our weight loss and tone management clients offering a 12 week challenge
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Detox Package
Detox Your Mind And Body
When I use the word “detox” I mean a scientifically designed medical detox from sugar, and all things that turn
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ECT female Challenge
30 Day ECT Female Challenge
The 30 day female transformation package is perfect for the working mom or any female wanting to get in great
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Students package ECTFit
Student Package
Our ECT student package offers a great opportunity for young men and women to learn about nutrition and training and
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Corporate HEALTH & TEAM Building Management
The Corporate team building program is designed for corporate sales divisions to be able to introduce health incentives into the
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