“I Joined ECT a year ago looking for the next level in my fitness and that’s exactly what I got, Top class in every department from nutrition, training programmes and communication. Nick portrays a true professional in the field of fitness always willing to help, give advice and change programmes/diets when its necessary to get you


“I’ve Only been part of this Family for 2 Months and already feels like home. Coach Nick is a Motivator and Devoted to help you get to your goals. Even when just maintaining he checks up on you, makes sure he changes your diet on regular bases and interested in how the training is going. He Motivates you


“I don’t have words to explain what a amazing adventure being part of ECT is to me but I will try my best. So about 9 weeks ago I got in contact with Zane. So we started to talk and I decided to join in on ECT. He told me enjoy your last 2 weeks


“I am 34 and have had 2 children and recently donated a kidney to my sister, I would never have thought it possible to stand competitively on stage.  I joined ECT and within 2 months is did my first show all thanks to a remarkable coach who customised my diet and training to my individual

Jacques du Randt

I fell in love with the fitness industry a few years ago. My dedication and self motivation was just incredible, especially living most of my life as being overweight. I never thought that anything would be able to steer me off of the path that I was on, however that quickly changed. I went from


“I first got into fitness and training about 10 years ago, but ECT was the ultimate gamechanger for me. I signed up in January 2016, eager to take my physique to the next level, and that is exactly what Nick Robert did for me! After 3 weeks with ECT, Nick convinced me to do an


“The best decision I have ever made is booking the services of Zane and ECT I struggled to lose weight for 10 years. Within 8 months Zane transformed not only the shape of my body but I also reached my goal weight. He has taught me how to eat clean and maintain my weight. I

Darian Duval

“I have spend just over a year with ECT. Over this time, I have achieved more throughout my 4 years of competing hands down. I have never received such hands on treatment at such a professional level. They usually say the proof is in the pudding and this could never be so true. When it

Marcus Reeves

Marcus Reeves

“After joining ECT shortly after competing in my first competition , knowing just the basics around my body and nutrition I was blown away by the knowledge and dedication I received as a single individual using the service ECT provided .  Their virtual training app makes life easier with meal prep and knowing what I’m


“I got introduced to ECT by a friend of mine and his results spoke for itself. Unbelievable as it was I took a chance and signed up with ECT Nick Roberts. I received nothing but the best service and support his love for the industry is unbelievable within the time I was with him my