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Share your thoughts on why you train??

Why do we train? I train because it makes me feel confident and allows me to connect and communicate with people a lot more on a business level?

Favourite cheat meal????

I love Pizza. Who is with me?

Food does not need to taste dry to be healthy.

What do you battle with the most when dieting? Let’s chat about what we can change up to make food delicious but yet very healthy.


“When I got involved with ECT I didn’t know what to expect and I was a bit skeptical because I thought coaches were a waste and I felt I knew it all, but I learned quickly that we all need some guidance especially in the fitness game. I’ve always been one to struggle with diets


“Soon as I got involved with ETC I wasn’t sure  what to expect, my diet and training was all over the place. I’m now on their program for 3weeks now and the results are amazing from the nutrition down to the training, weekly check ups on their clients progress truly makes it so much worthwhile


Age 34 Nelspruit “To cut a long story short ECT is the REAL DEAL . My ultimate goal in life was to have pecks, that’s all I ever wished for. Training  for two years on my own got me little to no results. I than decided to join ECT it was the best decision I


Age:23 Occupation-Personal trainer Experience: “It’s the best platform out there, very unique, no discrimination with athletes, Its like an extended family, motivating and very competitive athletes, helping you push beyond your comfort zone.”


“If Trust in your Coach and Faith in your ability is not an issue ! Nick and his team at ECT will transform you like you have never seen yourself !during my 12 week challenge I was handled very professionally with constant feedback and changes to tweak the outcome ! I have just committed to


“I am 36 years old and in the best shape of my life. ECT has taken me places I could never have gone on my own, with their expert advice, engaging coaching style and attention to detail.  Not only has my body been transformed but so was my mind around nutrition and fitness.  Joining ECT


” Wow where to start, from the very beginning when I joined ECT my mind was blown, Their service is on point and their work ethic is impeccable. They really go out of their way for their clients, and always communicate with you and staying on top of your game and goal in mind. This