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“When I signed up with Zane at ECT I had a goal in mind of what I wanted to achieve.  The goal that I set myself was achievable I thought, I was going to get there eventually, but at my own pace. In hindsight it was quite mediocre.  Little did I know that Zane was going to

Advanced Lifestyle Package

Advanced Lifestyle

Unlike the athlete preparation package that displays aggressive training methods, technical diets to create low body fat physiques; we are now introducing the ECT advanced lifestyle package that comes with an edge. This package is for the lifestyle client that wants to be challenged, that wants to live a normal life but have a more

Students package ECTFit

Student Package

Our ECT student package offers a great opportunity for young men and women to learn about nutrition and training and grow within the industry, Our student package will cover all aspects of school sports, fitness and wellness. Our main goal and priority is to offer kids up to the age of 21 the benefit of