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” Wow where to start, from the very beginning when I joined ECT my mind was blown, Their service is on point and their work ethic is impeccable. They really go out of their way for their clients, and always communicate with you and staying on top of your game and goal in mind. This


“I have been a client of Zane Du Plessis and part of the ECT Family for several weeks and I am VERY pleased and great full with what he has done to help me achieve my health goals. Zane is a highly motivated and very attentive to you individual needs anytime of the day. I’d


“My ECT experience has been an amazing journey , not only has my body drastically changed in a way I could never imagine , but the amount of knowledge and experience I have gained through the process is priceless , I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend that any person wanting to change their body’s , weather


“I started as an ambassador for ECT a few weeks before WBFF last year and from the start I could feel that it was the best decision I could’ve made. I saw what was happening and how fast ECT was growing and all the champions ECT produced. From the day I joined, I was seeing


Age:25 Occupation : Personal trainer “My experience with East coast transformations started with my preparation leading up to Nabba western province 2015 where I needed help changing my physique and to bring something special to stage. I won the fitness model line-up and overalls. Nick Robert my mentor suggested I do Wbff in June this


“I dreamed of competing at the WBFF, amongst athletes that for so long, I had looked up to and aspired to be like. I doubted my own ability and the possibility that this dream would ever be realised. Nick Robert, founder and owner of East Coast Transformations, introduced me to his transformation programme and promised


“Since joining ECT earlier this year I have experience love passion and personal relations. I took the step to join ECT under Nick Roberts and the results of his knowledge and influence are unbelievable. The transformation I went threw speaks for itself. Words I’ll never forget the day I sign up. ” trust me and


“After I started adapting a healthier and more active lifestyle with the assistance of ECT, my life changed and my body transformed totally! I am overall more healthy, active, and passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle. When I 1st met Zane du Plessis, I said to him “If you can transform my body,


“ECT has been a life changing experience, not just physically  but mentally as well. I’ve learnt its more than just changing your body but creating a mindset that anything is possible. with a little bit of self discipline and nick Robert knowledge and advice anyone can achieve their dream body an thereafter any other goal


“I would just like to commend founder and owner of ECT nick Robert, on an amazing job with not only the team but with great service. The enthusiasm, passion and drive is surely welcoming and overwhelming. A combination of love, fun, hard work and positivity that drives me as a inspired athlete to do my