Jacques du Randt

I fell in love with the fitness industry a few years ago. My dedication and self motivation was just incredible, especially living most of my life as being overweight. I never thought that anything would be able to steer me off of the path that I was on, however that quickly changed. I went from

Pro Nutrition

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Liquid Eggs

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Holiday Binges

Do you binge during the festive season? and why?I would love to hear feedback relevant to this Blog post. I want to be able to educate every individual out there about the bad side effects of food binging opposed to balanced eating during the festive season. No one said you cannot have that Mince pie

Favourite cheat meal????

I love Pizza. Who is with me?

Food does not need to taste dry to be healthy.

What do you battle with the most when dieting? Let’s chat about what we can change up to make food delicious but yet very healthy.

Share your thoughts on why you train??

Why do we train? I train because it makes me feel confident and allows me to connect and communicate with people a lot more on a business level?

Sasha Everard

Sasha Everard

“My experience with ECT has been an absolutely amazing one , not only have I seen amazing changes in my body but also in my confidence levels and I have Nick to personally thank for that. You have guided me to be a better me and shown me what it dedication it takes to become

Jono Leahy

Where to start? I have has a difficult journey throughout my life. From two ACL, PCL, MCL and Meniscus ops, to a cancerous lipoma removed from my leg. I knew it was time for a change when I stepped on the scale and I was weighing in at 128kgs. I knew this would be a